Midnight Requiem

Sixteen years following The Messanger's Shadow, Senera, the daughter of Flaro Noctem
has grown up with the legacy of her father and uncle, Umbryo. After the deaths of the
two brothers, Senera and her friend Sylph venture out into the vast world, following
in their footsteps. However, where they would find themselves would lead them
into a conflict far greater than they could've imagined...

When the swarm which previously attacked Midnight Forest during the time of Umbryo and Flaro
strikes again, Senera's colony would find themselves unable to fend them off this time, and are
forced to flee their home into the dangerous reaches of the world, finding refuge anywhere they can.

But it isn't until the hidden powers within Senera begin to act up and affect the very world she
calls home that she faces a trial which would change her life, and the lives of countless others,
and the stability of the world itself falls into disarray... an endless war between Chaos and Order.